Female Socialisation


Says alot about the female experience, it is not the cushy, high heel, sex-whenever -you-want -it, – as many men assume. It can be a painful caste system you navigate through.

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You’re so pretty.
You’re adorable.
You’re beautiful.
You’re my beautiful little girl.
Sweet little lady.
Careful! Don’t get hurt!
Play nicely.
Don’t get dirty.
Stop that.
Be more ladylike.
Don’t eat too much.
Girls are duuumb!
Girls have cooties.
No girls allowed.
Hahahahaha! You have boobs!
Look at her boobs!
Ewwwww. Periods are disgusting.
You’re disgusting.
That’s gross.
Hahahahaha! You’ve got your period.
Let me touch them!
I want to touch them!
You’re gross.
Let me touch it.
I only want to touch it.
She’s a slut.
You slut.
Show me your tits.
Get ‘em out!
You want it.
Take it.
Have it.
Swallow it.
Stupid bitch.
Fat bitch.
You’re not quite right for this.
I’m not sure you can do it.
I just want to fuck you.
Come on…

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A True LGBT Positive Role Model


This is pure Homophobia on gay females. Homophobia on born Females is really getting bad, even in female spaces. Some male-born are pressuring them for straight sex, for ‘political’ reasons? You guys have to find a better trick than that!

Back in the 1980, when I first entered the gay community, I met friendly, but straight people that hung around the gay scene because it was more happening and we throw the best parties.

Anyway, a percentage of these straight people would desperately pursue straight relationships in the gay community. They were known as ‘fag-hags’. These were mostly straight girls that chased gay guys, maybe out of some feeling of inadequacy as a female or a failure to turn one back[like gay is a light switch]. and some ladies were even willing to humiliate themselves for gay men’s attention they had crushes with, but gay is gay. Some caring males step in and try their best to explain, but some women only consider themselves worthy of unrequited love[but, a few men I met were like this too.].
Females also had ‘fag-hags’. Gay female fag hags were straight males that claimed to be lesbians in the wrong body. You guys try this every 15 years, Do you really think we dont talk to each other? Lesbians are not bigots for not wanting sex with born-males that have any identity. It is called a ‘sexual orientation. The Gay community has fought for more than 20 years for the rights to their sexual orientation. GAY FEMALES Included! Although many gay men have used the marriage act, I just know it meant a whole lot more to gay females. Lesbian weddings are the best thing ever! ;P

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What more is there to say about Sarah Brown? I’ll just let him speak for himself…



Aunty29just lol auntyaunty lesbian1auntysawomanlolauntysballsaunty fake lesbianAunty32Aunty30

Who better to be a positive role model than an openly misogynistic, lesbian appropriating male who spews out violent rhetoric, telling women to suck his nuts. But this isn’t misogyny right? This isn’t deep–seated hatred of women cause he says he’s one. And you know just saying you’re a woman magically makes it so! Actually he is the perfect role model for male entitlement and privilege. Just look at him pretend to be a victim while attacking women who stood up to his vile misogyny. He keeps pretending that everyone should just forget what he wrote 5 years ago because “it’s the past.” Well why doesn’t he forget what Julie Bindel wrote 5 years ago? That’s in the past too right? Why are trans activists hounding women who have performed at Mich Fest…

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Ultra violent 180 lb youth to be placed in male facility : Court Document with commentary


When I first heard of this case, my thoughts go to protect children first.


Not just the transgender child, but all, the seven girls,  [some of who are victims of abuse, one of which is pregnant].

I was really glad to get a copy of the court document that can present the actual facts. The judge did their best. As someone with Aspergers, for me, it is important to find the actual facts of a situation. The inconsistencies in the story are more bothersome then the people promoting this as a poster youth for gender inequality used against women with gender protections..

The same gender protections that protect JD, protect the girls from JD’s violence, and BTW, that is the whole point as to why this place is separate female place, these girls were abused and need to be shielded from violent people. 


The Youth was in a girls facility, Meadowbrook Academy, but attacked the female children and the female staff, and was moved for the safety of the female students.

page 1

Because there is more than one child’s’ future at stake, and not every child in this situation wants to flush their future down the toilet, those children must be protected.  The process is partially explained to justify the judges decision. There is alot of trans-comforting and validation throughout this document, so you can’t really say the trans gender part was not being honored.


One of the first things I noticed was that, on the very first page of the court document begins testimony of how violent this youth is, despite being offered constant catering and help.



dimond bar



On page 2:

In the first paragraph,

The youth [I will refer to as 'JD']is being transferred to a facility for male offenders.[ Manson youth institute for young male offenders tried as adults], which is run by the Department of corrections.

JD is no stranger to trouble if child family services has to contact the department of corrections, but these are the steps they took to protect JD from getting a felony arrest record  because alot of people are catering to JD already to prevent that.

Caring for children is no easy job, and especially women don’t like to see children try so hard and mess up over and over. Now when he turns 18, they will not be there to clean up anymore, so you really respect the efforts they put into it. If JD can’t control anger & violence at 18, he will not be able to sue child services for not coming to the rescue to keep him out of jail. IMHO, you cant let a child’s sexual wants come first. It distracts them from addressing problems like depression and the underlying cause to the violent attacks.

Another thing that bothers me is that there are claims that JD is there not on any charges. This is not the case. He was taken to court for assaulting a police officer and given an 18 month sentence at DCF. The placements in various homes is an attempt to help an extremely violent large 180lb male child that is as large as a fully grown adult male and violent.


JD has an extensive record with child services already that proves a violent risk:

At nine years old, first housed at Boys & Girls’ Village,  then Yale New Haven hospital[violent episode, police were called], then back to Boys & girls Village.

JD was then placed at Riverview hospital Connecticut Children’s place, Bridgeport Detention, and then, most recent- at Meadowbrook Academy[violent episodes] and transferred to Conn. Juvenile Training school .

During this lengthy history, demonstrated assaultive behaviour.

Here is the thing, the Director of Conn. Juvenile Training school testified that 11 times, police were called due to incidents with JD. These incidents occurred at 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, & 16.  This youth is described as Assaultive [violent] and threatening.

So, the youth has moved around quite alot,  -mostly because of physically violent attacks on others, mostly on females he targets.  A police officer filed a complaint against one of his violent attacks and he was ordered into court and serving a sentence. Child services does not have facilities for violent offenders. Youths care falls under the Department of corrections that deals with violent offenders, and no, women that care for children should have protection in their job and not be victims of male violence.





dimond bar




Page 3


This youth is more severe[violent] than other residents, this is not a small petite child. . JD often targets female staff members and has a thing about smearing feces. This makes JD not the typical child in DCF. It is sad to lose a child to mental illness. Sorry, but shit-play is a sign of a mental illness, anyone with ASD can tell you that..

The testimony goes on to state that the incidents became worse and more violent the larger he got.. They made a point to mention the targeting [of females] twice on this legal document.

No charges? Yes there were charges; 18 months for a violent attack on a police officer.

Nov 21, 2013, JD pleaded guilty to an assault on an officer and was sentenced to 18 months at DCF[Department of children & families, but was transferred to Meadowbrook ‘Girls’ Dormitory’.


So, he assaults an officer and sentenced to 18 months at a DCF, he transfers to a girls dorm at meadowbrook. He was already housed with females there. It did not work out. He could not resist physically attacking  females and he was removed. He earned his ticket to Manson for being a violent male.


Testimony of what happened during the two month placement at meadowbrook among girls included multiple assaults and targeting of female staff members, spitting, pulling hair, attacked a girl in the dorm, and then in a separate incident, targeted a staff member and was discharged into Conn. Juvenile training school.


The meadowridge staff member that reached out to him,  was on good terms with JD, And spoke about trying to get through to him




dimond bar


Page 4


The meadowridge staff member that reached out to him, took him on outings and really cares about children. She was a female that tried to help,

but -despite that, The incident that got him kicked out of the girl’s dorm- he subjected her to a beating that nearly blinded her.

JD was making threats to cut or punch the two staff members [one, his friend-at the girl's dorm] He attacked one of the female guards. While this 180 lb man-sized youth was beating a female. The staff member, who had taken him on outings, tried to break up the fight.

This security guard is 130 lbs woman that is more use to dealing with children, but not many 180lb violent man-sized children.

In typical violent-male pattern violence, he attacks and beats the woman that was his ‘good friend’ as a punishment for trying to break up the fight.

It is really clear that he is disturbed by women and he needs to be kept away from females for safety reasons and it is not the ‘trans’ that is the primary issue, it is the violence directed at females.

DCF transferred him to Manson youth [Department of corrections] for young male offenders over 14.

At CJTS, JD was kept in an 18 bed unit by himself, two staff members around the clock citing that he had fear of the general population of boys.

Staff at CJTS tried to provide educational and recreational activities, at first JD was resistant to receiving help, but accepted individualized instruction.



dimond bar


pg 5

At one point in CJTS, another young male was moved into the 18 bed housing unit with a broken jaw to recover and there were no incidents. The guy with the broken jaw did not try to assault the 180 youth while they were housed together.


Transfer is used in the case where a person becomes a danger to others or hurts themselves.



dimond bar


page 6


They go on to basically say he was getting more violent and becoming more of a danger to other children and small female staff members.




dimond bar


pg 7


It is hard to house a violent non-co operative person. Their decision has more to do with  violent temper.

DCF maintains a supervisory role in any children transferred to DOC, the best interest of this youth is well looked after, despite his violent explosions into attacking females. This privilege runs out soon. At 18 years old, DCF steps out of the picture and the youth is transferred to the custody of DOC.




dimond bar

pg 8

The director at CJTS testifies that this is the most dangerous resident they have ever had at CJTS.

Again, it is mentioned this person targets female staff members for physical assaults, and spread feces on himself and continues to do so until he is separated from the other residents.

Seemed to have a false sense of everyone disrespecting him, especially women and would be spurred to attack.


several attacks lead up to him being sent to Manson, no one did it to other him because hes trans…

JD would start unprovoked attacks and was unpredictable.






dimond bar

pg 9

JD is trying multi strategies to get out of serving his sentence at  Manson


dimond bar

pg 10

The assault cemented the JD’s violent resident status was committed out of state. They decided to not press charges. This person should have been housed at DOC, not meadowbrook


They really wanted to keep the youth at Child services, but JD was so violent, the department of corrections is needed because of assaults on females he demands to be housed with.



dimond bar

pg 11

It was decided that JD could get better education was offered through DOC[department of corrections. JD was much too violent and a dangerous to continue at CJTS or or any programs run by DCF. Those bridges were already burned. Solnit is Not suitable. At this point, the court justified using biological sex as placement.



dimond bar


DOC take many things into account, including the trans status.



dimond bar

pg 13

State Non-discriminitory practices and

state statute to protect from prison rape, the detection, prevention, reduction and punishment for prison rape. A nice page of validation to the 180 lb youth afraid of being raped if put among boys his age- however teen females run from 90lbs to 135 and are targeted everywhere, not just locked up. But while they are in the care of the state,  DCF is responsible for their safety.



dimond bar


They are not just thinking of this law applying to JD in the men’s spaces, but the females he requested to be housed with and how much of a danger he is to other females.


dimond bar

pg 15

After it is explained why the females need to be safe as well, a lot more trans validation to make everyone not feel offended is offered on this page. Yep sorry, you are not allowed to beat females, even if you are  slap on the wrist incarcerated for violence.


dimond bar

pg 16

More validation.



dimond bar

pg 17

Other things the Judge considered, like size- JD being 5’8 and 180 lbs.

JD is not the only one at risk of sexual assault, his biology and  being violent toward females makes him a risk for being housed with females. His violence escalated when he was housed with females at meadowbrook , he is huge and the size of an adult man and targets females for violence. Sexual assault/rape is a crime of violence. The size of a victim matters, smaller people, like adolescent females- are more at risk for sexual assault from larger aggressive males.

If a 5’8″ 180 lb man is afraid of being housed with other men, there is an option to segregate him. After meadowbrook, there is no way they will put him in a place for at risk ‘girls’.  There will have to be a solution for such cases, because you can’t fill up women’s prison’s with born males that are gay and transgender, 10% of the population is gay, a gay-trans wing needs to be put in men’s prisons to protect inmates from rape from other males.



dimond bar

pg 18


DCF trys to find the best place for the child, regardless of gender.  Because of the violence, JD is at Mansons, and sadly, Mansons separates intakes by gender[violence level is different for  bio males and bio females].




dimond bar

pg 19

Again, they justify JD’s placement in Manson for targeted violence on females, even when he was placed with females, JD became more violent.


dimond bar

pg 20

Although the youth requests to go to the girls facility, that facility is to protect females from violence such as displayed by the youth. As a matter of fact, DCF does not house ultra violent youths, the Dept of Corrections does. That is how JD ended up there.




dimond bar

pg 21


dimond bar


pg 22



dimond bar
It was the violence that prevented the transyouth from being kept in the female space. You can’t expect DCF to sacrifice one female child after another into this person’s violent problem of wanting females to torment..

My compliments to the Judge that had to be the one to put their foot down and get him help  before it is too late.

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ParkerMolloy laments “trans exclusion” and “discrimination” (over females who decline to have sex with males)


Lesbians are NOT oppressing your civil rights by Not sucking your dick!
And, yes, it is rude to ask homosexuals if they want straight sex, or hound them for sex for days.
‘Obvious men chasing pussy is obvious’
No means ‘no’.

Women do not have to serve you sex because you have Roger Elliot entitlement.

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Male TW Parker Molloy

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All The Things You Can’t Deny: Title IX, Trans Women, And the Reality of ‘Neutrality’


Pure Male privilege allows a 53 year old retired from a full career in the army dude, to want to be on a girls college basket ball team.
Do you think they would allow a 52 year old women do this? No, they would tell her she is too old. Male entitlement over female standard in play here? Yep.
Do you think they care that a girls spot in sports is lost to a man? Probably not. Is it fair to girls? No. Do you think they asked the girls about having a guy the age of their fathers undressing in the same room? Probably not.

Originally posted on culturallyboundgender:

When it comes to the issue of identification versus biology, perhaps no place illustrates the discrepancies better than sports.

Athletes like Fallon Fox, who went from being a third-rate MMA fighter in the men’s division to winning all his bouts but one when he went in the ring with women, show that the body discrepancies between an XY and XX human are not simply due to hormones.

Now, many trans activists claim that the fact that Fox lost one of his bouts—and the fact that several sports authorities have agreed to accept men as women if they complete two years of hormone replacement therapy—proves that there is no difference between hormone-altered men and natal women.

This, of course, is based only on studies that show muscle percentages being similar.  How are bone density, the differences in body shape, and so on supposed to change?  No answer.

The problem becomes…

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The Cotton Ceiling lately

Let the evidence speak for itself.


This was all posted in public on social media in tweets

Lily Cade was tweeting how awesome Rupal was, I too had began to watch his drag race and was touched by how he had become such a positive role model for young gay men and represents a fun part of the gay scene. Ok, suddenly- trouble




It is disrespectful to call a lesbian ciss.

RuPaul has come a long way and it is rude to tweet in to Lily’s  positive gay community tweet and bring emotional baggage to a complete stranger and ask the slander for political reasons or just because you have pure hatred for other members of the gay community and needed an ice breaker to get into enforcer mode and wanted to see how trans -brainwashed she was.

The Women’s name is taken away upon meeting her and they call her ciss to establish dominance.



Lilly derails the slave name- ciss^



RuPaul fans know he is a great guy, but remember this reference to RuPaul is a distraction.

It was at this point Lily was laid into in a disrespectful way.  This person began a condescending angry rant directed at lesbians in general.

how it all started03 copy


Lily tried to appease this guy that was focused on his right and special entitlement to have sex with lesbians.

It turns out she did shoot two transbians for their website, but did not participate. You think that would be the end of it, but no…

how it all started04 copy


Lily explains in los angeles, for GG [girl on girl] you need to be a female, otherwise it is shemale porn, transbians, Tsgirls, it is porn for men, women do not control the industry, the buyers do.

You may wonder  Why would women want to shoot Lesbian only-porn, even if they are straight?


The girls willing to do GG or who exclusively shoot lesbian porn are treated better In the Adult industry, most of them are straight or bi and have a husband/boyfriend that doesn’t mind or is actually bragging their wives make lesbian-porn.

It is popular, some men don’t want to see other men in porn, they want to imagine themselves with the ladies without catching another glimpse of a bull with a bigger dick.

how it all started05 copy


Here where it gets crazy,

Straight are  men into GG porn, are going to be transphobic, transbians can’t replace females in the GG market. These men have the fantasy of a goddess untouched by dirty penis from other guys, and literally, that is how the market has been for 20 years. They did not let females only sleep with females ONLY before, without a guy finishing them off in the end. It was discovered that G/G  has loyal fans,  the longer they stay G/G only. It is not transphobic not to have sex with someone trans.

how it all started06 copy


No one said that chealsea could not be a perfomer, Lily only hires girls she is attracted to because if she didn’t care, she would not be shooting herself.

The cotton ceiling attack, now targets porn-lesbians that don’t take dick and blames her for a porn category created by men to entertain men.. This is not main stream film. Now they are saying that not wanting to do porn with people that dont float your boat is breaking their civil right to be in Lesbian porn with lesbians.

Now, Gay porn stars are bigots for not having straight sex?

how it all started07 copy


Actually fans of G/G don’t want to see another guy’s penis touch their dream girl. The girls would lose G/G fans by doing straight sex.


how it all started08 copy


And here we go with the entitlement. Why are they demanding this Lesbian shoot Transbian shoots? Lily is the star and picks her own co stars. She would not make porn with anyone born male or Identifying as male, she is into ladies only. And they have gone on for days trying to get her to change her mind, WTF? Why not ask vivid? They have money, why are you asking a woman to give you free shit?

No means no.

The real transgendered community, [with GID] needs to distance themselves from this sexist rape culture that demands sex with other group of people that do not consent to it ‘as a civil right’ . Women are not fuck bots with no ability to choose who they want. Women don’t owe men sex. Rape culture has taken a twist.

how it all started09 copy

This is someone that is lived as a white male for most their life just told a gay woman she’s never been discriminated against for their gender, Apparently, ‘gender’ only means men.

Making Lesbians fuck you to validate you trans status much? Notice how they approach lesbian to demand sex? It is no different than how they approach porn-lesbians. They feel that women that don’t want sex with them, they continue to persue the matter for days. These are sexually aggressive men with entitlement issues like Roger Elliot, they deserve sex.


The lack of consent and pressure to comply, it makes you wonder,

Why would people with GID want to intimidate and target gay women with a dick when they have been told they dont care for it?

Why do some men have unempathic demand for women to comply to their fantasies?. It is reminiscent of another phenomena of male entitlement;




Anyway, it was at this point other porn lesbians and lesbians supported each other in telling a man no, #yesallwomen  have a right to have sex without you’ jumped in. I am surprised they targeted a porn-lesbian. Normally they just sexually harass lesbians with little power to fight back.  Lily Cade can open a jar of whop -ass when she needs to, she is all that.   :)


So the right approach is not to threaten or intimidate people that decline sex with you. Rape culture might say you deserve sex and men are entitled , but in reality, females right to say no is not being respected. That is what entitled men want, if you are not a man, don’t be like that.



lilly foghts back 209a





Because you rock!

Just one thing, they say they are GID but love your dick? To me you are still a man and that is not gender dysphoric.

lilly foghts back 209b


No, it isn’t It is called a sexual orientation. Just because you are not picky, doesnt make it wrong for others to have one.

It is like you want to stop her from being gay.


drew devrocotton ceiling2a


Not only gross, but rapey and homophobic since it is someone’s gay sexuality. The irony is not lost on me.

lilly foghts back 209c


lilly foghts back 210a


Thank- you!


lilly foghts back 211a


Lily tried to be civil and direct the person to the right place; Guys that watch standard Boy/Girl PIV often watch TS porn.

lilly foghts back 211b


LOL! Activism is asking lesbians if they have serviced trans penis and convincing them to when they straight out say no?

Yes, I see a ‘tool in activism’,


lilly foghts back 212 copy


Apparently…it looks like that.



lilly foghts back 213a stopbeing gay copy

In other words, He identified as a woman, why cant you just have straight sex with him and shut him up? Stop being gay.



I was not alone:

lilly foghts back 214a


lilly foghts back 214b


Vivid does not shoot trans porn, but why go after a big company like that when you can bully lesbians into accepting your dick,

This is Lily’s blog;


Like RuPaul says, you go girl!


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Natalie Reed: Transfeminism = Mansfeminism


This is the woman-phobic moron that poo poo’d the Hawkeye initiative that got many female comicbook writers to re-draw sexist poses forced on women in comics, portrayed by male characters. Most men are blind to how females are harmed by stereotypes that portray them as sex-bots waiting for a man to penetrate them.


Natalie was all embarrassed about the ‘man in a dress’ [his words, none of the men were in dresses, they are wearing manly superhero uniforms] – it ain’t about you narcissist, it is about forcing these silly stereotypes on actual women and how embarrassing it is for a ten-year old girl to pick up a comic book and have your brother snicker, because ‘your ‘female’ superhero is coming at the bad guys by jumping at them with her legs spread and her cameltoe showing.

Of course you don’t ‘get it’. #sharedgirlhood




It goes on for 52 pages, a step forward, even for comicbook pros that joined in to combat sexism, but Reed? No, Reed hijacked the hawkeye project disallowing it’s critiq of how females were over-sexed and objectified calling it ‘transphobic’

This Faux-manist only protects male interests in women as sex objects unable to make decisions that don’t deserve to be women.


Creepy as hell.

Originally posted on GenderTrender:

Nate ‘splains how feminism isn’t working for him

Natalie Reed: 5 Ways Feminists can help build Male-Inclusivity and Intersectionality

1)   Be willing to confront instances of malephobia, female sexism, female normativity, female-centrism, female privilege and other forms of destructive bias where you find them (especially when you find them within feminist, activist or queer spaces), not through “call outs” or other toxic, self-defeating or abusive strategies, but by taking the opportunity for genuine discourse.

 2)  Don’t take a purely passive, reactive approach. Rather than waiting for things like someone saying something overtly malesexist, or a male person bringing up a particular concern, be willing to proactively introduce male issues, or male-relevant aspects of broader issues, to feminist discourse. Likewise, proactively treat possible consequences, perspectives and concerns relevant to men and male experiences as being not only significant but essential to all feminist issues and conversations.

3)  Don’t assume any…

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legal Prostitution, why it is a Bad Idea


An excellent post I wrote before Roger Elliott about male on female sex-based violence

Originally posted on winterdominatrix:

PTSD OCCURANCE You normally associate PTSD with solders, but 1/3 of women, worldwide, are living with violence directed at them, women of every color in times of peace have to go home to their abuser, like it is a normal thing. If you put a man in the role of a woman, it would be criminal ‘assault’ and unthinkable torture you imagine only happening in a North Korean 3 generation work camp. Yes, this happens as a normalized day of abuse for women, that are wives and mothers of family’s. At times of war, every man is given permission to treat any and every woman[and child] they see this way: This is why women have the highest death rate of any minority group. In the US, 4 women are murdered each day, in times of Peace via- Domestic violence. Children are abused, more often in these homes: a situation where the woman…

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this is what is comes to??

this is what is comes to??


If Neil Armstrong puts on a garter and hose, they will declare him ‘first-woman on the moon’ erace -ing women’s opportunities.


Like in the case when a ‘transwoman’ makes a news magazine being called the ‘highest paid woman’, but in truth, they are respected as being born male and given a male’s salary. They are not complaining about that.


Another was funded opportunities for women in non-traditional male dominated tech jobs, with a male pretending to be female being the majority. Aggressive males that bully females out of programs set aside for them, and declared a high number of women getting high salaries in tec, “What pay gap?’  Will be the next ploy.

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Freaked out by men


This is the same person that one week ago was shaming lesbians for rejecting Dick and being wary of every man that decides to put on a dress and enter woman-only space. Then, [insert gender here] argued that rape victims should not be allowed to talk about their rape in woman-only groups….., yet [insert gender here] cant put it together that , ……..nevermind! heavy is the head that wears the fedora .

Originally posted on lift portcullis:

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