Californian ‘Adventurers’ Club’ Votes to Keep Women Out


Women are still not considered human enough to join.

Originally posted on TIME:

A private club for the adventurous and outdoors-inclined will continue excluding women from membership after putting the issue to a vote.

The male-only Adventurers’ Club Of Los Angeles voted Thursday on whether to change its bylaws and admit women for the first time in the organization’s 93-year history, CBS News reports. The two-thirds vote required for the change was not met, however.

“It was massive resistance,” said former president of the club Marc Weitz. “I mean, people stood up. I gave my pitch as to why it should go through and people stood up and argued against me quite vehemently.”

Those in favor of changing the rules had suggested Andrea Donnellan of the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a possible candidate for membership.

“She’s spent time researching in Antarctica,” Weitz said. “She was almost made the astronaut program for NASA. An amazing, amazing person.”

But don’t feel too bad for…

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Grand Theft Auto Dares to Treat a ‘Male to Trans’ like a woman born woman!


First posted two years ago… way before Gammergate

Originally posted on winterdominatrix:

imageOk, so the popular video game that teaches young guys to kill women that work as prostitutes so you don’t have to pay them, and treat women quiet low in the first place, has actually treated a M to Trans like a real woman!

Yes that is right, the same game that all male born get first person poles to play to kill women for sex and got to giggle, ‘another fish bites the dust’, has crossed the line by treating a male born trans like a common woman born woman!

The trans M to Trans are demanding their male rights back! The only want the pantyhose and shoes and guys noticing you, mouth is a mouth fun, but M to trans donot like to be treated like lowly women born women in realistic way!

‘How dare you’

they say, ‘how dare you treat us like those ‘fish’ that were…

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Karine Jollet: Anatomical Fabric Sculptures


Women’s art

Originally posted on SheWalksSoftly:

Karine Jollet creates amazing fabric sculptures, many of which are anatomical.


In her own words:
Fabrics are materials that came naturally to me as an analogy to our own biological tissues: bones, fibers, crystals… I start with old bed sheets and shirts, embroidered handkerchiefs and second-hand fabrics that I cut up, put the fragments together, pad them and then sew them by hand. In this way I reconstruct different body parts (arms, legs, heads) and several organs and bone structures.


Observing anatomy fills me with wonder and respect. In my eyes, there is nothing morbid in anatomy; I can only see beauty and the wonderful complexity of forms and of vital functions.


My sculptures are white to remind us of an invisible universe, far away from our own world, a dimension of unity and purity. White allows me also to connect all sculptures among themselves, to create a line of…

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Nice try boys, but we already know.


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Now can we get on to the bloody point? A list of 21 Feminist (really) FAQs.


pretty much…

Originally posted on Oosty's Offerings:

I’ve recently become knackered with having the same arguments, with the same types of people, about the same points regarding Feminism.

Now, I’m not an expert, other than I come equipped with reproductive parts and therefore a propensity to get accidentally oppressed, but many other women are. They have studied and worked in the boggy, mine-covered field of feminism for years. And yet they are having to constantly re-tread the last 100 steps of the argument each time they want to begin to think about possibly tabling a motion to draw up an agenda for a meeting to scope out a workshop for the 101st fucking point.

And that workshop involves either a) having to achieve, ‘buy-in’ from all the men who will assume it’s their workshop (please see Ally Fogg’s entire body of work to illustrate this point) or b) watch your point get stolen from one of…

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‘Phobia’ finger pointing: it’s the new misogyny


so true. Women are not treated as equals among men and there is a male-backed movement that wants to silence women by inventing a new witch hunt.

Originally posted on sisterhoodispowerful:

There is a new danger to women. And feminists are on it. We’re naming it. We’re angry. And we WILL fight back.

It doesn’t matter what kind of politics a feminist has, unless she is fully accommodating to men (in the shape of anti-feminist, queer gobbledygook and other woman-haters) she will be attacked. Attempts will be made to silence her through a systematic campaign of hatred and intimidation.

Many feminists receive threats of violence simply because they are individuals who have made pro-women statements and carried out pro-women actions. See just one example:

There has been a recent bout of attempts to stop individual feminists from speaking at events. The chosen method is to call someone ‘phobic’. You can put any word you want in front of it. It doesn’t have to be a real word, you can just make it up. In circulation, we currently have: biphobic, transphobic, whorephobic, lesbians who are somehow ‘homophobic’ (will…

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The Secret to Girls’ Success (Think: Periods)


A subject close to my heart. Many girls in the USA skip school because of their period. Some girls are poor and welfare does not provide extra for pads, that money comes from the little extra cleaning supplies, toilet paper fund, so, it is often not on he list as basics, and rolled up toilet paper is sometimes used.
When my dad got remarried, my stepmother was abusive and never bought me pads, and made sure I had no allowance to buy them. She was hoping I left home. so I know what it is to be without pads at that time of the month.

You can ruin your pants, and not want to go to school, you can have a heavy day and leak, and cut the rest of school. Other females are understanding, but The humiliation that the guys put them through for bleeding through your clothes makes you gross and disgusting to them, and they let the girls know right away. [another reason I support sex-segregated spaces and woman-only spaces].

There needs to be a charity that collects and provides pads through public schools and food shelters. [yes , a collection for food shelter supply is needed.]

Originally posted on Nursing Clio:

When you were 14, if you had your period, but your parents couldn’t buy you pads or tampons, would you have gone to school? It’s unimaginable, right? It would have been too gross and humiliating to even consider. Better to pretend to be sick, and deal with the missed work and the bad grades.

In many parts of the world, that’s exactly what happens. And that means that girls don’t get educated, even where they have access to schools. They miss school for several days every month, getting further and further behind in their studies. Many are so embarrassed by this that eventually they drop out. They don’t just miss out on an education; they also lose the one real chance they had to escape poverty, to build a decent life for themselves where they can afford what it takes to educate and empower their own daughters.

(Source: Image by Perrin Ireland for PopTech. Licensed CC BY-SA by Flickr user PopTech.) (Source: Image by Perrin Ireland for PopTech. Licensed CC BY-SA

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Progress Versus Cooptation in the Radical Feminist Movement


know the facts>

Originally posted on Bev Jo -- Radical Lesbian Feminist writing:

 Progress Versus Cooptation

 in the Radical Feminist Movement

Bev Jo

One of the saddest things to me has been the altering and re-writing of the history our magnificent Radical Feminist and Lesbian Feminist movement of the Seventies. Entirely new words have been made up to describe and criticize the politics of that time. I want to ask all Radical Feminists to question everything they have been told, including which ideas and politics they are told “did not work” or were “bad.” Please don’t accept bizarre terms and names for us and our politics that we did not define ourselves.

Those of us who have been around a while know that those opposed to Radical Feminism and Lesbian Feminism make up names to insult and belittle us. “Cis” and “cis-gender” is one example of men simply calling us names. Please don’t accept their definition of us. Please don’t let someone outside of…

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An Open Letter Regarding A Radical Profeminist and Other Would-Be Helpers


I did a lot of thinking about the issue- and how  women are so fast to give up on eachother.

After reading Julian Real’s version of what he thinks ‘rad feminism is’ took on a different turn when he ID’ his privilege away is a sly interdiction to the fact that many females, will never have many of the things he takes for granite and has access to.

I thought the guys were actually reading radfem, but they are just against male rule, but still want women as a second class under them, these are guys that would get angry and throw a fit if they found out they were being paid the same as a female.

And his version of rad fem caters to men through identity alone? When I first visited places in the Gay & Lesbian communities, it was the 1980’s.

I had been questioning if I was gay [lesbian was too dirty to say in public, gay men brought images of John Ritter on 3s company and were the human face of gay communities] .

There is a discrepancy in today’s ‘gay community’.

Gay & Lesbian rights were about human rights and freedoms for gay/lesbian people, however it seemed that the males & females were getting different things out of it and assumed they had the same goals.

The lesbian community needs to leave the GBTQ, because it has more become a ‘sexual rights org’ for born-males and their interests. At one time, particularly when it was the G&L org, it was about civil rights, now it is male rights to a sex lifestyle. Women do not have power in a sexual men’s group exploiting them for the fair female representation[which I have yet to see], fundraising and woman’s suffrage applied to males that take on the females roles demanded by men., it doesn’t apply to actual women, and the lesbians remaining are just being groomed for male interest in female servant ship for the men in the gay community. They are our brothers, but have no invested interest in lesbian rights -which are basically woman’s human rights.

‘Women’s rights’ should not be treated as a sub category interest in a men’s sex org that uses them and their identity and misrepresents their voice/words.
We should opt out.
Biological women need to support each other in female -only spaces so we can address how our laws concerning our own biology are put on hold to provide charity for males in a community that really never really did anything to further women’s rights. Gay men won the right to be treated as straight men. Although they may run across a homophobe or two, for the most part, they have won their primary battle and left behind lesbians that did not even achieve wage equality or even pass the era.

The woman’s community at large needs to step up, and break up with gay community. Whenever woman’s biology or rights are spoke of, they are made to sound like disgusting things or sexual attributes that a man uses, rather than unique attributes that normally validate us as other humans, but in a sex org, females become supplements for guys that want sexual freedom/no attachments 24/7, but are not into dick[straight, but horny enough to hang around the gay community looking for fag-hags that think he is gay and questioning himself].

Women need to completely separate from men in female only spaces. I agree with this and will support any cause that holds up a woman’s right to be left alone. Within female spaces, lesbian separatists are not the only women that would want the men out. Iranian/Middle eastern women that want feminism are only allowed to meet in female-only spaces. Sexual assault and Domestic abuse survivors don’t want to meet with men.

Within female only spaces, domestic violence can be discussed, refugees from war and prostitution can be helped, and we can focus out efforts there, instead of fighting with men over our human rights.

I don’t really have any interest to meet with men to talk about feminism. Nothing personal, but if I want man-isms, that is ready available.

“Women’ need to be separate from the sex fantasy or dysphoria category of how a man can ID. We are clearly oppressed for giving birth [or refusing to]and often punished for anything the child does for the next 18 years. Otherwise, if there are exceptions, the class of ‘women’ gets flooded by male hobbyists[of women] that start making sexual demands they equate to women’ biology on actual women.

It is time for a biological women’s org.
No, it is not bigoted because there is not one country on earth where a biological woman is paid the same or has the same opportunities as a man. It is this way everywhere. Just because a few of us were promoted over others, does not mean we are close to equal as a class.

Men can supports us by supporting our right to meet without men and have conversations that are not about them. Women do not like the policing of their conversations, and their voices are being killed.

Within a woman’s org, there can be a refocus on:
Lesbian protection,
Sexual assault/rape survivors,
Domestic violence survivors,
Exiting sex work survivors
Adult Child abuse survivors
Adult women’s reproduction rights
+ many of things intersect, and we find out where we ended up in this system that discourages us from talking and discovering our true natures as humans.
^ Gay men/males are not into all that female shit, unless it is a fetish, and in that case, victim-protection rights come first.

Some guys use the excuse that they belong with rape victims bc they were raped and 99% say it was a woman. Don’t believe it. They seem to bring it up to quiet down women that object to him being there to listen to rape stories. This is used as an excuse to force women’s sympathy, so he can get off. Explain how male perpetrators often beat women or hurt them badly/kill them, A female’s worse fear is not rape, it is getting killed by a man over his sexual conquest. Men do not experience that at the hands of women, so it is suspicious when a man declares he was raped by a female and wants to yell and fight with rape victims that are there for help..

We all need to meet with out men to get these issues back on track.

I thought of a simple charity of collecting sterile, unused pads
to ship to poor women in third world nations, and yes, to women here in the US. How any times, you as a woman were without the money to buy pads? Our gynecologic healthcare does not recognize the need for sanitary napkins as a necessary medical supply dealing with woman’s reproduction, even though the health of your period is important to creating other humans. Maybe we can make this a world wide thing? ;)
What a project that would be. Only women would give a shit about it.
In India, I heard about women using rags, a ‘red’ sock, and corn husks[thats gotta hurt], even newspaper. In the US, Women have used waded up paper towels taped to their underwear, or what ever they could find when the money was low enough. Cotton rolled in TP annyone?
Where is our right to reproductive dignity or reproductive hygiene?

That is where the humans are coming from.
Men cry that their dick cant stay hard, and everyone pitches in to put Viagra on the market. Women get FGM in the Middle east/Africia, we are told to leave the house while on periods in some of India, because it is still considered a dirty process, along with giving birth!
Texas state leaders made coathanger jokes about our forced -parental rights being taken away. Women have been dying from the Victorian times all the way to the 1970s over botched abortions given by plumbers and guys that had no idea what they were doing..but women want to trust men.

These guys scream & cry to save every child, yet they call the women terrible mothers for not being able to afford children they were forced to give birth to.

We need to get back on track.

Originally posted on You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.:

This is an open letter about men who claim to be feminist and to the women who believe them. This letter is directed at women who — without any analysis or criteria — believe men who claim to be feminist. This letter is not directed at anybody else, so please ensure that you are indeed a member of the intended audience before replying. This letter has been written with the cooperation of 28 radical feminists, all of whom should be familiar to those who frequent radical feminist spaces. We are rather serious today, about a rather serious harm being committed with impunity.

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Kate Millet ? Of Course, if you want to understand what Women are

I did not know about radical feminism for most of my life. By a fluke, I discovered Kate Millet at a used book store and couldn’t put it down. I knew there were other women that came to this realization. Not many women are privileged enough to have access to actual feminism or know it exists, they find ways to deal with these imposed domestic ‘othering’ slavery issues that point out the classification of born women as ‘not a fully equal human on their own and as expected to be owned by men.. You may whine, well why is that?

Well because of male systems, some women are cut off from equality AND ACCESS to these things that liberate them to know they have ability early on and assured that all feminsm is just men-hating women when females seek it out at first. This is programming women into the slave class by keeping them un-informed. Because women live in that system from birth that tell them to obey men and put them first always. And under this male system, the ‘good women’ are only women that do what they are told by males. When women have enough, of men blaming women, and being re-victimised for complaining about our own oppression-even when ‘nicely’ in a ‘not all men apologetic way’ to try to solve the problem, they become disenchanted with being happy little slaves with fake equal rights on paper.  They no longer have that patient- ‘must-serve-men or I am being rude’ empathy  Guys need to understand that. At that point, it is a really ‘bad idea’ to try to force  sexual bullshit male-entitlement on them.

Women are taught they are inferior, encouraged to ‘get a man’ to follow and blocked from career access by men and men that pretend to be women that come into women’s victim’s groups looking for easy sex or access to children for sexual reasons. For instance, If your mother is a child bride, she has no control what happens to other children she gives birth to, even in England, United states, or the top countries where women are said to be ‘equal’. It is easier for pedophiles to entice a young underage woman to runaway, and give birth to a future victim their captor has sexual access to a child that can more easily be trafficked. Male on Women violence, and men’s ownership/accepted manipulation of women from a young age by a male-run societies is still the biggest human rights issue of our time. We are being treated as a slave class for men to freely exploit.

Pedophiles are well aware that You have to get rid of female power – if men want to access children for sexual reasons. 

Take for instance this blog post about a pedophilia grooming cartoon aimed at female children to prepare them to look at penises and get used to them,

maybe so they don’t become gay[has the opposite effect though]:

This is a guy that craves female worship of his male private parts and is projecting it on female toddlers.

He says, he is a girl and has a male genitalia he want the girl-child to pay attention to:

He also imply that boys can be anything they want, boys can be girls and boys. The way it is worded, the female child realized she does not fit into either category of human, as explained by this guy[who is a camp councilor and has access to other peoples’ children]. Females taught to get us to male invasion of their privacy by complete strangers and to get use to sexual advances that involve naked adultmen/boys’ sexual advances and normalize sexual abuse of born-women as things to entertain men, and men with sexual fantasies of what women are forced on actual women in real life.

If you are single[or a teen girl],  young, get pregnant [even by rape and be forced to carry to term the rapists baby], or lost status in your parental home, you are likely to be subject to this system as well with your young children and be subject with destitution. After you are destitute, it is hard to ruin your self more, but you have children now and will be called a bad mother if you dont give into male demands to protect them.This is a Male run system.

And this is what happens to these girls/women in a modern countries, is that they are trapped into giving birth to a poverty class that creates both men and women. Women are sometimes forced to give birth and add to the poverty class. Their rights to their own life diminish with children forced on them. After reading about radical feminism, I was over joyed they also recognized this system of treating born-females. Women in other countries are just killed for expressing any thoughts about their freedom. Women are not oppressing men. Men have more rights, and if those rights are violated, they have the right to go after justice. Women just pick up the pieces, thank the goddess their child is safe and go on. You can’t have pride if you are female and want to live in male dominated society safely.

You would think men would want to save the other men from poverty at the very least, but men use a hierarchy system of who is the more mighty shit-slinging male, like a gorilla social system of hierarchy that places the most powerful male on top that owns all the female groups.  I separate men & women privilege because 40% of low wage workers are female lead families- where the father is long gone and the children are left behind 100% dependent on the mother’s care.

This is why I am sure the only way we would have a society like the one depicted in Star Trek, is if society  operated under a Matriarchy.  

Children and pregnant mothers would be protected as our next generation and they would be educated and well prepared to fill a place of equality, rather than be expected to fight others’ and bully for it. Only possible under a Matriarchy.

Basic needs like food, clothes and shelter is not attached to a system of work and reward. Advancing the next generation to be better for humanity, human needs as a whole is the focus, not money-chasing.-Only possible under a Matriarchy system. 

The need for Medical care will not be judged on your status. Only possible under a Matriarchy

Are men treated badly in startrek? No, they are humanly treated, are actually depicted as equal to women-it seems they are able to succeed by ability, and not penalized for not being able to bully his way in against other males who have greater ability to bully their way past them, rather than skill. They don’t reward overly aggressive males, or favor them in hopes they stop being violent like what happens now, like business as usual.  Our government system would have to adapt those strict rules which are considered ‘female whining’ if we wanted a society like that. There would still be problems, but this would make it a human-friendly species rather than the gorilla system of male control and slinging shit at your enemies. You can’t back down to these guys, that gives them permission to victimize women and children in danger of sexual exploitation from them.

I noticed female inequality mainly because of attempts to make me obey & follow the male system were misunderstood because of aspergers[a form of ASD]. I kept mistakenly assuming that I was equal to men already, and was constantly told I cant do things boys do, because that will anger them. Like-  there is some sort of punishment system for being born a female/woman/XX and not keeping your lower -status position under men. Why am I being told this is equal when it is clear it is not.

You have to understand your own female oppression.


Kate Millet

Exiting sexwork.

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